Sunday, April 18, 2010

meat without a victim

I am always amazed when I come upon vegetarians because personally, I cannot imagine eating a good steak every once in a a while (My veal chop yesterday was delicious, mmm). Most vegetarians choose to be vegetarian because they cannot imagine eating something that has once been alive. How about if this meat in question had never been alive and purely created for consumption?

In this project by the Tissue Culture and Art Project at University of Western Australia, skeletal muscle was grown in polymer from prenatal cells. The growing "meat" was displayed in the art exhibition L'art Biotech in Nantes, France in March of 2003. This experiment ended in a feast of the grown meat. Think this sounds delicious? I wouldn't steak my life on it from the way it looks.

Read more about this project here:
This lab also has other rare interesting projects such as making leather, and a growing human ear. I had planned on taking tissue culture this summer which fell through unfortunately. Not taking tissue culture might be a misteak!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

deeper voice= more powerful

People with deeper voice are shown to be perceived as more powerful. When you are asking for a negotiation, giving a presentation of a proposal, or in position where you need to be perceived as confident and trustworth, try deepening your voice some. I haven't been able to find definite published data on women since that seems debatable, but I agree that someone with a lower voice would sound more confident compared to someone with a high-pitched voice.

Here's someone gorgeous who happens to have a deep voice: