Monday, May 24, 2010

BP oil spill ill

This might be the biggest oil disaster of our history yet. Due to the leak unable to be stopped, 5,000 barrels of oil (or more) are spilling out to the Gulf of Mexico every day.

So far, several methods have been attempted to try to stop the leak, but these are only temporary measures including setting the oil on fire (scariest, ocean is on FIRE), using dispersants to break apart the oil (unknown if totally safe yet), using a well to siphon the oil (not that effective).

From U.S. Coast Guard
 In this new method BP is trying next week, viscous liquid will be poured into the leak to stop the oil flow and the leak will be sealed with cement.

You can also watch the oil spill live at:
(Warning: It's frustrating to watch the vast amounts of oil pour out out out into the ocean.)

Heard on NPR. Tom Hutchings, an environmental consultant says, in response to BP saying that the oil spill is tiny compared to the vast ocean,
"If a BP exec wants to call something tiny, call the effort tiny."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i jog. aquajog.

I've wanted to roller blade for the longest time and promised I'd buy a pair of roller blades if I achieved my academic goals this semester, but I am scared that I will hurt some joint in my leg, someway, somehow, maybe snapping something at a right angle. (I know it's a horrendous thought!).

Here's my happy alternative: aquajogging! There's less impact on your joints, you get to be in the water, and you can switch off from running-swimming, no changing/drying off needed! Ever since I eyed some ladies aquajogging at the pool while lifeguarding, I have been a fan of this wonderful exercise. According to Runner's World, it looks like this:

It might look funny, and I feel funny "running" frantically in the water and not really getting anywhere, but it is definitely a great exercise. I also like to chew gum when I'm swimming (shhh) and this way, it's acceptably not-as-gross though I'm still in the water.

There are aquajogging world championships in Finland every year! It is a legitimate sport.

Monday, May 17, 2010

gossip girl finale tonight. xoxo

This does not and should not belong in this blog but I just love Gossip Girl. It's been a guilty pleasure of mine ever since my best friend won a raffle/contest to host a Gossip Girl viewing party. We all wore Gossip Girl tank tops and had our eyes glued to the television.

Overly dramatic high school now-college students with too much time and money on their hands who encounter the most bizarre family, friend, foe drama, and sprinkle in some gratuitous images of sex and drugs, and there's GG.

(I drew this graffiti on fb a while back for a friend of mine who also loves GG. Remember when Vanessa was with Nate, and Nate actually had a personality and his own storyline for once?)

Also, the funniest thing ever: Gossip Girl reality index by the hilarious guys at New York Magazine.