Friday, February 25, 2011

your sunday, their sunday.

How did you spend your Sunday last weekend?

A Sunday Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte

Last Sunday for me was mostly spent in the library, studying for my four midterms. I woke up somewhat late around noon, and headed off to the library to study, sipping on coffee and wishing the cubicles and computers could be transported outside to the beautiful weather. After dinner, we had rehearsals for the Love Your Body Monologues in the evening which was my study break. 

Not so exciting.

Wonder how your favorite writer/actor/chef/politician spent his/her Sunday? The New York Times has these fantastic series called "Sunday Routines" where we are invited to peek into the lives of other more well-known figures who may have more interesting routines.

These articles provide a glimpse of personal lives these figures lead; who likes to get platzas(massage with venik branches), or who checks out the flea market in the dawn on their Sundays.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

embrace vulnerability.

A friend in my acting class mentioned in passing a TED lecture on vulnerability. Now that my week is over, I have time to snuggle in my bed & watch this video, which was just fantastic.

Being vulnerable- it is not just a life mantra that makes life a little bit relaxed and easier. It will actually make you happier, whole-hearted, and embrace yourself as you are.

Dr. Brene Brown is a professor at our neighbor University of Houston, studying the delicate humans emotions of shame, human connections, and vulnerability. Here is her main message from her website:

In the TED lecture, she talks about what the people who had made connections with others and had a "strong sense of love and belonging" had in common. They felt they were worthy, even if they weren't perfect: they embraced vulnerability , exposing their imperfect selves, letting themselves be terrified, hurt, and betrayed. They didn't particularly enjoy the idea of vulnerability(who does really?), but they accepted it as part of life and simply integrated it into their view of themselves.

Don't be afraid to let yourself fall, searching for security and stability, because this is life, and this is us. We may not be perfect, and we may be hurt and ashamed, but as Dr. Brown emphasizes in her lecture, we are enough, and we're worthy of all these happy things in life- love, friends, sense of belonging. Let things happen, embrace them as part of life because no one is perfect & feel sadness, feel anger, and feel joy and love.

You can watch Dr. Brene Brown speak in this life-affirming lecture here: the best 20 minutes you'll spend for yourself. She's an extremely engaging speaker- funny and self-depreciating, and you'll walk away with an upgraded(ly) happy view on life.