About the blog
     I started blogging summer of 2009 when I had my ultimate dream job of being a "social event planner" for physicists. I got to check out the cool Houston locales and had to tell someone about them! The blog has since developed into a scrapbook of sorts, where I archive the discoveries and knowledge I gather in my life.
     I have a lot of questions- how does that work, or why is this a certain way- that I try to find the answers to, all with the wonderful help of the Internet. I also post about interesting facts I learn from classes, or inspirational thoughts that I gather. I hope to keep my family and friends who are far away from me updated on my life & to write about the everyday discoveries that fascinate me.

About Yesle
     First, it's YES-lee. It is Korean and combines the first syllable of the words "beautiful" and "wise". I graduated from Rice with a B. S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology in spring of 2011. I spent my childhood in different cities across Korea, in addition to spending last two years of elementary school in Orange County, California and another two in South Tampa, Florida at the end of high school. I am spending this year doing geochemical/dental research here in the vibrant Houston, Texas and will be starting dental school in the fall of 2012. I am taking this year as an opportunity to spend time doing things I love such as going to the laundromat, really going grocery shopping, and volunteering. In my spare time I enjoy doing Pilates, checking out bookstores and baking up a storm in my convection oven while listening to NPR.

Appreciating Korean food with best friends
Visiting Gang-neung, summer 2011